eric valli - living yangze x Swarovski waterschool, Sept 2015 shanghai

I was commissioned to design a complete layout and display framework for an exhibition of 108 photographs by celebrated French photographer Eric Valli. The exhibition was held in Jing'an Park, Shanghai, China.

'Living Yangtze', a multi-media project which tells the stories of the communities living along the great Yangtze River. Swarovski commissioned Eric Valli to spend six months documenting the lives of communities around the locations of its Waterschools along the Yangtze River. The Swarovski Waterschool China is a not for profit organisation which has been working in the Yangtze basin since 2008.

The challenge of this project mainly stemmed from its unusual location – an outdoor public park with large numbers of visitors every day. The difficulty was creating an engaging exhibition without interfering with everyday goings on in the park.

My team and I came up with the idea of placing very minimal objects on the side of paths around the park and embedding them in the grass. Inspiration came from the shape and design of artists’ easels. The colors were red and black as per the tone of the photography and overall visual identity of the project.  

(All images courtesy of Swarovski)



Basic Module

Basic Module

Lake modules

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