‘SHAPING STORIES’ MA Narrative environments - csm degree show 2018

MA Narrative Environments

A multi-disciplinary, team-based course, MA Narrative Environments explores the dynamics of story, space and experience. The focus is on using narrative, analytically and practically, to enhance people’s relationships with their surroundings and, as a result, with each other. Over two years, students from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds collaborate to develop user-centred design interventions that integrate spaces, objects, texts, sounds and still and moving images.They craft novel, multi-sensory, interactive and participatory narrative experiences in workplace, urban, community and learning situations.

In this year’s exhibition, the MA Narrative Environments class presents our individual achievements and our sense of ourselves as an evolving collective and distinctive practice. Each student has created a shape representing an object crucial to their project. These motifs recur throughout the show, flickering into view within exhibits and catalogue pages. They gather at the apex of the exhibition to form an unfolding ecosystem.

Responsibilities: Part of the concept ideation team, visual identity, graphic design director, catalogue designer.


There are four different covers in the catalogue. They are meant to be placed in the exhibition so that they connect and form the full image with all of the shapes in the visual identity.

The catalogue has an organic feel to it, utilizing the shapes as a way of conveying an ecosystem of disciplines and types of projects. Every student section contains their BIO next to their major project making it easy to read.

Event Graphics-06.jpg