VINTAGE tribal FEST, july 2015 SHANGHAI

KTGA held its fourth cultural festival in Shanghai featuring arts, crafts performances, lectures and theatrical environments. The venue was a massive 5000 sqm subterranean space known as Da Tong Mill located in downtown Shanghai. A virtual oasis in the middle of the city, the space is half open and half under roof - the perfect setting for a summer festival. 

KTGA laid on various activities, including bands from all around the world, food and shopping - this time the decoration and graphics were colorful and bold. The very cosmopolitan clientele were encouraged to dress in lively colors and traditional outfits from their home countries. 

Press Release

Highlighting well rooted cultures around the world - gypsies, maori, gaucho, tibetans, maasai.
Celebrating crafts of different tribes - weaving, wood carving, metal works, knitting, paper cutting.
Acknowledging different music in uences - from african beats to gypsy balalaika sounds.
Get a chilled drink, purchase colorful pieces, take part in weaving workshops, salute the sun with yoga classes, taste world cuisines, dance away your winter sorrows with happy tribal beats.

Visual Identity


Graphics & Merchandising


Event Design