Tate exchange - thinking and acting on your barrio, latin elephant

As part of TANIA BRUGUERA’S residence at the TATE Exchange (Tate Modern), Latin American charity Latin Elephant put on a series of lectures and workshops around the topic of neighborhood and civic action. I created an interactive workshop that run over two days.

Thinking and Acting on your Barrio is an interactive installation that aims to tell stories of different communities that have organized to make change in SE1 area, focusing on the Elephant and Castle experience. On the other hand, it allows for visitors to reflect on their own neighbourhoods and think of the actions they could take to affect change.

Visitors are welcome to add to the collective installation using building blocks and making their own personalized 3D models referring to their own neighborhoods. Protest signs can be added to the abstract creations commenting on actions that can be taken. Making allows for participants to re-imagine and reinterpret their lived environments and have a discussion with others in the space.

The piece lets the audience author their own experience and grows organically during the day.

Photos by Dan Weill


Graphic Design for flyer