the secret garden - rococo revisited x hendrick's gin, june 2015 SHANGHAI

KTGA was commissioned by Hendricks Gin to organize an extravagant, immersive party in Shanghai’s historic Bund area. Built in 1905, the venue was the old British rowing club now converted into a baroque-style private members club by its Japanese owner. 

The event theme was ‘Rococo.’The whole evening was an immersive experience from the beginning to end: Guests entered via a maze, which was decorated with large mirrors and roses and assembled in the venue’s garden. Laughing actors greeted, charmed and flirted with them as they negotiated their way around.

Entering the space, guests were encouraged to photograph themselves on a specially-designed ornate swing, which sat in front of a backdrop of the famous painting ‘The Swing’ by Fragonard. As a centerpiece, the main lobby was decorated with 1,500 real roses that hung upside down from the ceiling - the smells and sights were truly overwhelming. 

Press Release

KTGA legendary unique style of IMMERSIVE PARTY is back for another diversion into the past. Turning back the clock farther than ever before, this time tribute will be paid to the frivolously ornate Rococo era - when fat cherubic bourbons ruled France, Marie Antoinette demanded the poor eat macaroons, faces were caked in white paint and even the most straight-laced had to wear curves to fit in.Did you know that hidden among our city’s concrete jungle, opulent and leisurely outings of the fashionable elite take place behind the walls of secret gardens? Yup. And what, pray tell, does one find at such gatherings? Why, nothing but pink cakes, gin in tea cups, extravagant baroque costumes, delicate etiquettes, disgraceful sinners, forbidden lovers; all disguised behind lace masks and black moles.On the night in question, guests will wander through winding labyrinths, bask in stunning floral installations, sip on delicious Hendrick’s gin cocktails, listen to wonderful fairy tales, meet Marian Antoniette & Luis XVI, dance to baroque disco and engage in elegant sword play.As is customary with KTGA adventures, every detail of the event will be tailored to create a atmosphere designed to astonish and beguile.Expect the sounds, sights and the smells of this lost florid world to be all around you.


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Event Design