VINTAGE ZOO FEST, july 2014 shanghai

KTGA put on its second Shanghai cultural festival featuring arts, crafts, performances, lectures and theatrical environments. The venue, which is named ‘1933’, used to be an old art deco abattoir located in Shanghai’s historic Hongkou District. This magnificent and largely unused space was the main inspiration for the overall event theme, ‘Vintage ZOO’. 

The colossal building, with its concrete maze of interlocking ramps, atriums, bridges and spiral staircases, has a very unique and mysterious atmosphere. KTGA’s idea was to bring the animals back to the 1930s slaughterhouse - almost as a homage to them.

Using playful colors and a loose lettering style, the graphics and concept appealed to adults, children and young families alike. The event saw an attendance of roughly 3,000 people per day for two days (60% Chinese and 40% foreigners). 

Press Release

Explore and discover The Vintage Zoo Festival - KTGA’s 2-day spectacular wonderland event. Don your wildest animal/zoo outfit, be mesmerized at the transformation of 1933 Shanghai - the former Old Millfun, an architectural marvel that was once a slaughterhouse - and immerse yourself in KTGA’s Second Summer Grand Bazaar. Take A Browse On The Wild Side!
Lose yourself in a riot of animal antics, rainforest rituals and a jungle jamboree! Wade your way through an underwater world, watch weird, wacky and wonderful wildlife, be captivated by colorful creatures, ogle origami birds, feed at the farm, and have a butcher’s at the beautiful butterflies.

Bring out the tigerrrrrrrrrrr in you!

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1933 Slaughterhouse Shanghai

1933 Slaughterhouse Shanghai