WINTER FEST -tales from the palace - december 2015 SHANGHAI 

KTGA hosted its fifth cultural festival in Shanghai featuring arts, crafts performances, lectures and theatrical environments. Having rented the Hubindao building, a massive shopping mall still in development, we had 6000 sqm to play with before it became another commercial retail space. 

KTGA’s aim was to create a different take on the Christmas market by converting the whole space into a ‘crystal palace’, utilizing pastel colors and iridescent fabrics. 

Moving away from the traditional look of Christmas, KTGA tried to make the space into a sensorial place where people could gather around and experience music, workshops, shopping and lectures.

Press Release

Once upon a time in a mysterious Glass Palace in the middle of a city...Visitors found themselves being mysteriously transported into the whimsical world of Tales From The Palace - a realm inspired by a blend of smokey pastels, crystals, snowflakes and fairy tale architecture.
Interactive art installations invited visitors to play and enticed them to be part of the story....
In the Palace, the visitors had awakened their inner holiday spirit and wandered through the rooms to find gifts for each other. They learned how to make presents, listened to story-telling, and danced away to music and performances...
But where was this snowy majestic cloudland where wintery dreams come true? ...At the KTGA WINTER FEST, of course!


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